What was life like before the Renaissance?


Before the Renaissance occurred, several countries across Europe were suffering from diseases and poverty. They were also suffering from problems such as lack of employment and education, health care, a stable home, and basic necessities of life. These problems sometimes led to numerous deaths of both children and adults due to lack of health care provided. In terms of art before the Renaissance began, it was normally centered around religious figures or meanings and showed limited techniques used to make the piece of art look more realistic. When the Renaissance began,  new techniques of art was introduced such as perspective, individuality, classical art styles and beauty designs. When these new techniques were applied to paintings, it made it look more detailed and realistic.


Why was Italy the birthplace of the Renaissance?

There are three advantages to why Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance. Some of the aspects include the developing cities in Italy, the classical heritage, and wealthy merchant classes. In terms of the developing cities in Italy,